Start Investing Today in 4 Easy Steps

We were tired of seeing the same lengthy investment guides that rehash the same information over and over so we created something better.

INTERACTIVE 4-STEP guide easily matches you with a perfect DIY investment solution, a resource or a hands-free investment service. 


DIY or Managed ?

Step 1/3
Pick one. You can always come back to change your selection after.

Do It Myself

I want to learn how to construct my own portfolios and learn how to invest on my own. Best thing it comes at minimal cost.

Managed for me

I don't want to do anything myself. I am okay letting a professional service manage it for me. This is a complete hands-off solution.

What's your goal ?

Step 2/3
Pick one. You can always come back to change your selection after.


I want to earn monthly income passively from my investments.


I want my money to grow and multiply. Growth is more important than income.

What's your risk tolerance?

Step 3/3
Pick one. You can always come back to change your selection after.

Be as safe as possible

My ultimate goal is to preserve my invested capital. Low risk profile.

Okay with some risk

I understand that higher than average returns mean higher risk. Medium to High Risk.

We have analyzed your profile and goals!

Most Popular Do It Yourself Portfolios

All Weather Portfolio
lazy portfolio

All Weather Portfolio

Created by Ray Dalio this is a very popular portfolio that performs well in any market environment.

Golden Butterfly Portfolio
lazy portfolio

Golden Butterfly

Once of the most popular set it and forget it portfolios. Portfolio performs well in different conditions.

Bogleheads Portfolio
lazy portfolio

Bogleheads Portfolio

Inspired by Jack Bogle this is one of the easiest lazy portfolios to setup with only 3 funds. 

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