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What’s the strategy?
We utilize good old value investing research with the power of Put Option and Vertical Spread selling to generate income and create better entry points for our positions. Don’t worry it is a lot simpler than it sounds. Get our research at no cost by subscribing. No gimmicks, no upselling and absolutely no stock charts invovled.


Carefully Curated

High mathematical profit probability (80%+).
Lower risk with lower but stable returns.

High margin of safety companies in case the stock gets assigned.


Heavily Researched

Extensive value research is provided along every recommendation.

High margin of safety companies in case the stock gets assigned.

We only send the newsletter when a worthy idea presents itself. No pressure to constantly produce low quality ideas.


No BS!

We are not traders, we are investors. No gimmicks, no pump & dump stock ideas, no stock charts.

Always free.

Absolutely no hype and no upselling.

Managed Risk.

Selling high probability put options on the highest quality companies allows for stable income returns with lower risk. The math is always in the favor of put option seller. However there are times when the stock price moves in unexpected ways. This is the risk we take.

But what are the risks exactly?

The “risk” is that if the put contract doesn’t go our way, we will be forced to purchase the company’s stock at a lower price. So it is not really a risk to us but only if we absolute love the business we are buying.

However, even if the business is great, its stock price can continue to fall. Not being careful and being assigned a bad stock that can in theory fall to $0. However, it is no different than if you were to purchase the stock without options.

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