AlternaInvest.com specializes in alternative investment assets ranging from fairly straightforward ones like real estate to riskier and more new-age like cryptocurrency & digital assets. That said, we never forget our roots and also cover traditional investments like stock & bond portfolios. Investment opportunities today are so vast that we will never run out of things to analyze & write about.

The investment landscape is also getting more & more complicated and needs more analysis. That doesn’t mean we use a lot of jargon on the site. The goal is to simplify the analysis down to its roots so that everybody can benefit from it not just the finance people.

This website is in itself an investment. One investment category that we write about is Digital Assets, and websites like this one are a big part of that category. One of the best investments you can make is an investment in an active earning asset that costs near nothing to build. Websites are probably the best example of such an asset.

Who is this for?

This site is for people looking to better invest their money or to build an investment asset from scratch. Whether you are an experienced investor, business owner, or a complete beginner you can benefit from the content on the site. Although, because we tend to simplify a lot of concepts, beginners will likely benefit even more.

About the Author

My name is Andy, I hold an Econ & Finance degree as well as an MBA but those degrees don’t help as much as I imagined. The best investing lessons come from investing mistakes. Overanalyzing an opportunity and missing out, jumping in without much research, and then selling to solidify losses when you should hold and so many other stupid mistakes are the greatest teachers.

I work in management for a technology company during the day and dedicate my free time to investing in things. Things like content websites, undervalued stocks & most recently crypto. I have been bitten by the crypto bug just like everybody else. I thought crypto was a big scam and a massive pump-and-dump scheme but Web 3.0. concepts and amazing applications of blockchain technology that happen outside of simply buying and selling changed my mind. Check out Top Crypto Use Cases Beyond the Hype to see what I mean.

Why should you listen to me?

You shouldn’t! Do your research and never listen to anybody online. What I present on the site is my analysis & ideas of writers that I work with. We all bring our biases and in some cases poor judgment to the content published here. I rewrite things often and change my mind often as well but I try to do the best job I can for the reader.

If you would like to reach out you can reach me at andy[at]alternainvest.com