WriterAccess Review. How to invest in quality content?

What do we know about content outsourcing and why are we writing a Writeraccess review in the first place? Aren’t we an investment-oriented website? Yes, we are, but we also talk about investing in online businesses. As online business investors, builders and developers, we are bound to one day start looking into outsourcing some or most of our content creation. We reach a point where to scale projects; we must look beyond our own capabilities.

Unfortunately, finding quality talent can be challenging, frustrating, and often leads to the work needing to be redone. This is especially true if you are a good writer/content creator yourself. For me, it is easier because I don’t consider myself good at all. But being a subject matter expert on various investment vehicles, I often spot poorly written content that I end up redoing anyways.

So to help out fellow investors & creators, I wanted to share my experience with Writer Access. Writer Access is an all-in-one platform that allows you to find talent, place orders, and manage them all from one dashboard. Unlike UpWork or Fiverr that focus on all types of freelance work, Writer Access is specifically for writers and designers.

Writer Access Pricing

Writer Access is not free and is not cheap either. I don’t mean that the content is not free, which is obvious, but access to the platform comes with a monthly cost, unlike other freelance sites. This can seem like a downside, but at $39/month for the cheapest plan, if you are serious about outsourcing your content, it is well worth it. All thanks to the large set of features and access to premium writers that you get.

WriterAccess Pricing

No transaction-based fees

Another thing to consider are transaction-based fees. Unlike other freelance sites that charge you a service fee that is typically a % of total order price, not having transaction-based fees could be cheaper at the end if you order enough content monthly.

Let’s do some math.

Writer Access vs. Fiverr Fees

Let’s compare fees from a service like Fiverr to the monthly subscription cost of Writer Access.

Fiverr charges a 5% fee for every transaction, which means you need to spend $780 on Fiverr every month to pay the same $39 in fees.

So, if you only order content casually and don’t have a set monthly budget going with one-off orders from freelance sites might make sense. That is only if you are lucky and can find quality writers on these platforms.

However, keep in mind that with Writer Access you are not just paying for content but also a few really cool features that are hard to find with other freelance sites.

The first feature that separates Writer Access from other sites is their dedication to matching you with the most qualified writers.

There are some elegant ways you can find the best writer for your project.

WriterAccess find talent

Advanced search allows you to pick the writers’ industry of expertise, specialty, location, and type of content they can produce (articles, blog posts, research papers)

If I were to search for a writer for this site, this is what the Advanced search might look like:

WriterAccess Advanced Talent Search

The results I get:

If I like the person, I can go to their profile to view samples. Specifically, I am looking for Finance & Investment related articles to get a feel of what type of language the writer typically uses and how technical they are.

Okay, this is where it gets even more remarkable. The writing style is crucial. Finding somebody who writes in a similar style to yours is pretty much impossible on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

This is precisely the problem that Writer Access is trying to solve with their AI search.

How it works is you enter one of your articles that you have personally written, and it will find writers that are not only familiar with the subject matter at hand but also have a similar style to yours.

This is how it works:

WriterAccess AI search

Basically, from the text you submit the algorithm will try and match you with a writer who has similar psycho-demographic profile.

Does it actually work?

I am not sure about the whole psychoanalysis stuff, but I was very satisfied with the writers we found using the tool. Did they write in the same style like me? Not really, but as I mentioned before, I don’t think I am a particularly good writer.

Managing your workflow

Writer Access Manage your workflow

Again, if you need occasional, one-off writing projects, this platform is an overkill for you. If you are like us and manage multiple websites or have more than a handful of writing assignments to complete, Writer Access Manage workflow capabilities are incredible.

The platform allows you to easily view what projects you have In Progress, which projects require your approval, which has been completed. You can organize them into folders, tag them, and so on.

Communication with writers

Communicating with writers is incredibly easy through the Email-like feature. You can add comments, change requirements or send any other message you might need to the writer.

The platform really shines when you have to communicate edits.

Once the project is ready for your approval, you do not get a separate file like with most freelance services; you get the output within the platform. In the same spot, you can highlight any paragraphs, sentences, words that you would like to change. If you want to expand on a specific topic, you can add comments directly in the text without sending and re-sending multiple files. It is like Google docs but specifically for you and the writer you hired.

It is amazing how much unnecessary trouble this simple feature helps to avoid. No more v1, v2, v3 word documents.

What about the quality of content?

Note that this is my personal experience with the service, and I have been delighted so far.

That said, I typically only hire technical writers with specific expertise, and I only go with 4-5-star writers.

These writers typically cost me $0.08. So they are definitely not cheap but not as expensive as some very niche writers I worked with on Fiverr that charged as much as $0.20 a word.

That said, I did hire a few high-level articles at $0.03 a word, and they have also been high-quality. However, if you are looking for cheaper writers, it can come down to luck. Will you get lucky enough to find a hidden gem, a writer on the rise who can produce high-quality content but is also too new to charge premium rates?

WriterAccess Platform Tools

To sweeten the deal for $39/mo that you pay, WriterAccess also offers a few premium tools to help you with things like finding topics to write about or do keyword research.


You get a stripped-down version of the popular topic ideation tool, BuzzSumo. Enter the topic you want to write about, and it will output what the most shared content on Social Media that is similar is, what similar content is currently trending, and who the top influencers are that share this content.

Personally, I do not use this feature as I don’t personally care about Social Shares, but if you do, it is a neat addition to your toolkit.

Topic Finder

Topic Finder is a barebones keyword suggestion tool. I do use this from time to time to quickly generate topic ideas.

Language Grader

A simple tool that if you paste your text into will output “readability” scores like Flesch Reading Ease and Gunning fog scores.

Writeraccess Final Verdict

WriterAccess is an incredible tool if you order more than 5-7 articles a month on a regular basis. If you order less than that, it might still be worth it to you just because of access to much higher quality writers on the platform compared to your typical freelance service.

If you are somebody who is serious about outsourcing content on a regular basis, then it is a no-brainer.

Happy writing!